Blanco negros y azules son los colores de este diseño urbano con estampado juvenil con un frontal atrevido de rayas con serigrafía ampliada del 84 . Etiqueta tejida de marca.
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  • Padded flute case to protect the transport of this musical instrument. This holder has a comfortable handle to make your transport much easier.

  • Backpack sack bag with closure by puckering strings. It can be used as a backpack and is fully lined. This backpack sack school ideal for excursions.

  • Large capacity sports bag and easy to open thanks to its top zipper. The bottom has a padded reinforcement. This sport bag has multiple pockets: one front and two on the sides, one of them to store the sneakers....

  • Toda a resistência e durabilidade de um carrinho fixo, mas agora destacável para que você possa usálo como uma mochila sozinho e laválo sempre que quiser.

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