• Santa monica
    From the atmosphere of Santa Monica beaches, where surfers struggle to catch the perfect wave, the inspiration for our products is born, offering bold collections of high quality and design.From the atmosphere of Santa Monica beaches.
  • Smiley
    Smiley is a spirit and a philosophy that reminds people the high potential that a simple smile can have. Its a brand without boundaries, imperishable and unique that has influenced musical generations, social movements, popular culture and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Lil ledy
    LIL´ LEDY The Lil´ Ledy character was inspired by a real girl named Leda. A bright girl who looks at the world through her own eyes and dreams. Lil´ Ledy loves life, living it to the fullest. This positive attitude shines through her personality and looks.
  • Brandalised
    Brandalised captures the work of BANKSY, the mysterious artist that everybodys been talking about for several years. Being anonymous has been a key factor in creating a mysterious atmosphere that has helped him becoming one of the best artists of his generation. With his controversial art works, loaded with messages, has transformed the streets from the main cities of the world inan Urban museum that anyone can enjoy. Sportandem brings this new concept applied for first time in our most urban Backpacks and Bags.
  • Uefa champions league
    ONE of the reference competitions in worldwide football, League of Champions, the best teams with the best backpacks.
  • California
    Inspired by California beaches where you can see surf lovers, walks full of skaters with their boards or rollers doing acrobatics, even snow lovers, longing for the snow, play with their boards on the sand. This passion for sports is that we want to convey with our California brand, which was born as a philosophy of life, combining quality and design in a same piece.
  • Yo-kai Watch
    Yo-kai Watch tells the story of Nathan Adams, a boy who is trapped in the fantastic world of the Yo-Kai, where he will experience innumerable adventures together with them all.
  • Privata
    Privata, your brand by nature, emerged from the recycling of disused woolen garments from working clothes in the field and the sea, until, with its famous triangle, it became the fashion brand in the eighties.
  • Valencia c.f.
    This sport licenses arises for most of football fans, especially the che team ones, who will support in each of its great meetings the VALENCIA C.F.
    Brinco, The kangaroo brand that accompanies you in your day to day.
  • X-pen boligrafos
    X-Pen Signature of luxury Those who seek luxury and quality in their writing instruments will appreciate the synergy of design, performance and value embodied by the X-Pen brand. With more than 25 collections of all-metal pens, X-Pens' fountain tip, ball point and roller tips are manufactured underthe most stringent specifications, using components by respected industry leaders, such as Ohto (Japan), Premec (Switzerland) Schmidt (Germany) and others. It is easy to see the superior quality of X-Pens in balance, mechanics, flow and design. Everyone is surprised by the reasonable price, while delighting in the writing experience. The fortunate meeting between quality and price is one of the X-Pen's greatest achievements, enabling lovers of the written word to own highly personalized writing instruments to express themselves. Every X-Pen is produced with a surface for engraving one's name or printing corporate branding; X-Pens are the individual writers themselves, and the excellent writing instruments, make very thoughtful gifts.
  • Sportandem
    Our experience on sports and school equipment sector, with a specialization in licensed products and a wide range of items in our catalogue, has given us the capacity to deal with our own designs. We present in this catalogue the first collections of our brand, Sportandem Dama, Sportandem Recycling and Sportandem World: three ways to respond to most demanding public requirements, which adapt perfectly to any need. And these three collections are just the beginning.
  • Tandem
    At Tandem we design our own collections always thinking of children from five to ninety-five years old with concerns anddesires as varied as our range. It is our reflection. It is your way of being. Pockets are a good invention, but do not have the capacity of our backpacks.Find your Tandem and show who you are.
  • Dc superhero girls
    DC comics brings together the best known superheroines in a TV show which narratse their adventures as students with super powers.