In Sportandem we are a company with more than 35 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of school material, stationery, gift, leather goods and accessories. During these years we tried to make life of students and workers easier, making deep research to develop products that fulfill all their needs in their daily lfe:  school backpacks, backpacks for children, backpacks with trolley, pencil cases, vanity cases, trolley cases, sports bags , shoulder bags and much more.

However, at Sportandem we do not focus solely on research and the technical side. We want to develop collections that  all our clients, from children to young people or teenagers, feel comfortable and identified. We take into account their tastes, style and hobbies when we design our products. 

That’s why, we have a wide portfolio of licenses that makes us Leaders of the market: Tandem, Brinco, UEFA Champions League, Valencia C.F., Smiley World, Privata,  Brandalised… 

In addition, we continue working everyday to incorporate new licenses that are trend in the market to be able to offer to our clients always the more trendy products. This way we can continue being leader within all age students.

Regarding the quality of our products, we always search  the best materials and the last technological improvements, in order to be able to offer our clients the best quality of the market. For example many of our School backpacks, have ergonomic shoulder straps, breathable material, cushioned reinforcement or protection systems for the children backs, within many other features.

We make a deep tracing of our products from the first sketch until the delivery of them to our final client; to make sure that all our products are delivered with the best quality to our customers.

If you are looking for the best school and stationery products, don’t doubt in trusting Sportandem. 


At Tandem we design our own collections always thinking of children from five to ninety-five years old with concerns and desires as varied as our range. It is our reflection. It is your way of being.

Pockets are a good invention, but do not have the capacity of our backpacks. That’s why we present you World and Europe: two ways to fill your adventurous spirit or your way of facing life. Find your Tandem and show who you are.